(December Sessions)

Confirmation  - January Week 2 - the Centurion 


 a) Read the story of the centurion in your booklet again. (Found on page 25) then watch the video.

b) Answer the following questions in your booklet (pages 30-32)

  1. How can I relate to the encounter of Jesus and the centurion?

  2. Why do you think the Centurion started to have a change of heart after reading about Jesus?

  3. Why do you think Jesus healed the centurion’s servant?

  4. How is the centurions encounter with Jesus different from Zacchaeus?

c) Take the quiz below please write your first and last name and what day you come 

The Centurion Quiz
How many soldiers does the centurion have under his command?
Where is the centurion stationed?
What are three things centurions know?
When the romans want to talk to their Gods what do they do?
Why did the centurion start to change?
As the centurion was changing, he started to get the title of:
Who did Jesus heal?
After Jesus healed the person what did the centurion call Jesus?
What did Jesus do to the centurion?

Confirmation  - January Week 1 - the Centurion


Hello everyone this month we start our next encounter with another important person in the bible. This month we are going to be learning about a Roman soldier and his encounter with Jesus.

*Please make sure that for this week you are writing in your Journal on pages 27-29.

Part 1:

Watch the following video:

Kevin knowing that he is afraid of heights why did he trust Jimmy?

Why is trust important in a friendship?

Part 2:

A true friend is someone you can really trust. Someone who is going to go out or his or her way to make you feel better and help you be a better person. 


In your own words please describe what trust means.  

Write about a moment in your life in which you were scared to do something but had to trust your friend. How did you feel after?

Part 3: Watch the following video on Blondin

Everyone loved Blondin and all the things that he can do. When he asked someone to trust him by crossing them over no one trusted him.


Who was the only person that trusted him? Why do you think she was the only one that trusted him?

If Blondin would have asked you to hop on the wagon would you have gone? Why or why not?

Why do you feel that when it comes to trust, people have a hard time with it?

Part 4:

The roman soldier will show us a new perspective on trust and faith. Before we meet him please read his story on page 25 and 26 in your journal.


After you read his story, please apply Method #5 located in your journal on page 12 and answer the questions.


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