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Confirmation Program - December Week 4 


Watch this month's Youth Mass

(pay close attention to father Juan's homily)

Answer the following in your journals;

1. During his homily, Father Juan shared with us three things regarding Zacchaeus encounter with Jesus. Write a paragraph reflecting on these three things and which one you need to work on.

2. What does it mean to you, that Jesus is always searching for you?

Confirmation Program - December Week 3 


a.) Watch this week's awesome video

b.) Answer the following questions in your booklet (pages 22-23 )

  1. What impacted you the most about Victors encounter with Jesus?

  2. How do you relate to Zacchaeus' and Victor's story before their encounter with Jesus?

  3. Read the following from the YOUCAT

c.) Take the quiz below to receive credit for this session.

Read the following from the YOUCAT... 

To respond to God means to believe him.[142-149]

Anyone who wants to believe needs a heart that is ready to listen (see 1 Kings 3:0). In many ways God seeks contact with us. In every human encounter, in every moving experience of nature, in every apparent coincidence, in every challenge, every suffering, there is a hidden message from God to us. He speaks even more clearly to us when he returns to us in His Word or in the voice of our conscience. He addresses us as friends. Therefore we, too, should respond as friends and believe him, trust him completely, learn to understand Him better and better, and accept His will without reservation.


Victor and Zacchaeus encountered Jesus. Jesus met them where they were in their life. He didn’t judge them but rather reached out to them as a friend. The catechism says that in every challenge or suffering God has a message for us. What is the message that God has for you in this season of your life?

Confirmation Program - December Week 2 


a.) Read the story of Jesus and Zacchaeus in your booklet

     (pages 13 -14) then watch the video. 

b.) Answer the following questions in your booklet (pages 18-21)

  1. What stood out the most from Zacchaeus life before he met Jesus and why?

  2. In your own words describe the encounter Zacchaeus had with Jesus.

  3. What do you think made Zacchaeus change and why?

  4. What is the story of Zacchaeus telling me about Jesus?

c.) Take the quiz below to receive credit for this session.

 Jesus and Zacchaeus Quiz
What did Zacchaeus’ family say to him?
Why did Zacchaeus become a tax collector?
What is the name of one of the camels of Zacchaeus?
Zacchaeus says that he had it all and he mentions two things. What are those two things?
What kind of tree did Zacchaeus climb on?
What did the people say about Jesus hanging out with Zacchaeus?
What did Jesus say to Zacchaeus?
Zacchaeus went from being a tax collector to being a:

Confirmation  - December Week 1 


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