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Los siguientes documentos son las plana asignadas con el video Por favor descargarla si no si no a no a podido pasar por su packet de el mess 

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What kind of a Gosple is the gospel of John?
At some point in her life Liz felt...?
There is a moment where Jesus writes in the dirt, how does the church interpret this?
What did Liz encounter when she went to the retreat?
Liz realized in her retreat that she was created...?
Liz mentions that we are daughter of the king therefore...?
Liz talks about in the interview, what does she you do when you recieve mercy?
In this particular passage, what does Jesus call a condemned sinner?
What was Liz advice to the teens?

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A) Read the story of the adulterous woman in your booklet again. (Found on page 37 and 38) then watch the video.

B) Answer the following questions in your booklet (pages 46-47)

  1. What impacted you the most from the second encounter that Liz had with Jesus?

  2. How did Liz compare her encounter with Jesus vs the encounter the adulterous woman had with Jesus? What were the similarities?

  3. Read the following from the YOUCAT  #229 and the reflection

C) Take the quiz below to receive credit for this session 

Reflection on the YOUCAT   


The insight into one’s personal guilt produces a longing to better oneself; this is called contrition. We arrive at contrition when we see the contradiction between God’s love and our sin. Then we are full of sorrow for our sins; we resolve to change our life and place all our hope in God’s help.


The reality of sin is often repressed. Some people even think that guilt feelings should be dealt with in a merely psychological way. But genuine guilt feelings are important. It is like driving an automobile: When the speedometer indicates that the speed limit has been exceeded, the speedometer is not responsible, but the driver is. The closer we come to God, who is all light, the clearer our dark sides come to light also. Yet God is not a light that burns but, rather, a light that heals. That is why repentance impels us to go into the Light in which we will be completely healed.

The adulterous woman was able to see Gods love and her sin and she placed her hope in Gods love. What has the adulterous woman taught you about the forgiveness of sins?


The adulterous woman taught us about the power of God’s love and forgiveness. What do you need to do in your life to experience that same love and forgiveness?

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