How to receive First Holy Communion...

  • Walk with their hands in the form of prayer

  • Express reverence with a simple bow of the head

  • Place one hand over the other to receive the Eucharist

  • Respond with the word: "Amen"

  • With the hand below, place the Host in the mouth

  • Return to their seat with their family and pray in silence

  • Masses begin at 9:00AM

  • Please arrive at 8:00AM

  • Do not forget your chairs and masks

  • Up to 5 people are allowed to accompany each child

  • Certificates will be given out before the celebration begins

  • For first communion pictures:
    Stella Saturnino 714-873-3898 

  • For first communion dresses and suits:
    Cloti Rodriguez 949-290-7882...


120 N. Janss St. 
Anaheim CA, 92805


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