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My name is Lucy Dale and have been assigned to be your parish nurse.


          Before moving to California, two years ago, I was living and working abroad with different community development projects in Honduras, Nicaragua, and Mexico. These experiences drove me to pursue a nursing career with the University of San Francisco, Orange County Campus.  In February, Hoag Hospital employed me as a parish nurse and assigned me to St. Boniface.

                As the new parish nurse, I still have not had the opportunity to meet and introduce myself due to the limitations that the pandemic has put in place.  I hope to continue finding ways of communicating with you virtually during these difficult times to support the wellbeing of each individual and the congregation as a whole.        

            It has been a blessing and amazing to witness the many ways that the community of St. Boniface has united during these challenging times.  I am very excited to learn and collaborate with St. Boniface in supporting the well-being of the congregation, by always affirming the balance of mind, body, and spirit. If you are interested in getting involved with health ministries and/or have any questions please contact me at or call the front desk to make an appointment to speak with me.  

Lucy Dale,RN, MSN



The school year has started for some and is about to begin for others. Without a doubt, this school year will be different from others and most of it will be virtual. This is something new for all of us and will take time to adjust to this new style of learning. Parents are trying to manage how to continue working and at the same time trying to support their children so that they can accompany their virtual classes from home.  Children and youth also face various challenges with different learning styles, while interacting with their friends and teachers in distinct ways. All of this affects us mentally, physically, and emotionally.  We must remember that we are all living these types of challenges together and find ways to support one another. This situation gives us the opportunity to be creatives and connect with other parents to share our experiences that we are living with our children at home.  Let’s find a way to share the difficulties we are confronting.  Perhaps other parents have the tools that can help us, for example, to complete online homework that we don’t understand how to turn in, or how to talk with our son or daughter about certain sensitive topics. In addition to connecting with other parents, let’s remember that school districts also have Family and Community Engagement Specialist to support parents with parents’ questions and frustrations about their children's virtual classes. In Anaheim, you can find that support person by the school at this website:

Mental Health America has also put together a Back to School 2020 Toolkit. Click here to access the toolkit. Or go to their website for more information 

Feel free to write to the Parish Nurse, Lucy Dale at to inquire about other support services available for parents and their children during this time at home.

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