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Children are not allowed to be admitted to classes/events unless a completed Parental Consent form and a Medical Release form are on file. I understand that I am required to read the policies and rules listed in the Policy and Procedures (including the policy regarding cell phone use). By enrolling the children of my family/guardianship in the St. Columba Catholic Church Faith Formation and Youth Ministry Programs for the 2019-2020 year, which is from August 1, 2019 through the end of July 30, 2020, I consent to abide by the policies stated in the handbook. I understand that failure to comply with this policy could bring about disciplinary actions including, in extreme cases, dismissal of my child from the faith formation program. I understand that I am responsible for sharing the rules, regulations and other important information in this handbook with my child. I permit my child to participate in all activities offered on St. Columba grounds during normal Faith Formation & Youth Ministry times throughout August 2019-July 2020.

As a parent and/or guardian, I do herewith authorize the treatment, by a qualified and licensed medical doctor, of the following minor(s) in the event of a medical emergency which, in the opinion of the attending physicians, may endanger his or her life, cause disfigurement, physical impairment or undue discomfort if delayed. This authority is granted only after a reasonable effort has been made to reach me. This release will be in effect from August 1, 2019 until July 30, 2020. This release form is completed and signed of my own free will with the sole purpose of authorizing medical treatment under emergency circumstances in my absence.


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