To scheduled a Baptism ceremony for your child please visit our rectory office ( Office Hours).  The date for the baptism will not be confirm until all per- requisites are complied. If you have anymore questions please contact us at (714) 956-3110


  • Pre- Baptismal Classes

    • Parent will have to attend two classes 

    • God Parents will need to attend the second class with parents 

* Parents how are not married will have to meet with Deacon before scheduling date for baptism 

Require Documentation to Register for Ceremony 

God Parents 

  • Older that  18 years old 

  • Practicing Catholic 

  • If married, Married by the catholic church

    • ( church marriage certificate will id required) 

  • No more than two Godparents 

    • If there are two godparents it must be a man and a woman 

  • Registration form given at the classes 

  • A copy of the child's birth certificate (No hospital certificate) 

  • Proof of pre-baptismal classes for parents and Godparents 

*Children how are over the age of 7 will need to receive a special formation. Please contact the Faith formation Office at (714) 772-3060 for more information.

Danger of Death

If your child is in danger of dying please call the rectory for an emergency baptism.